What does "Well Kinda" mean?

While you are NOT required to use a Frankly Real Estate Inc agent from Day 1, we want at least the chance to win your business (even if it is 10 years from now), and blow you away with money saving advice and data analysis. If you are 100% set on using another firm's agent, or no agent, we kindly ask that you use their website. When you realize how bad their site is, and you want to give us a shot, then feel free to come back.

Update: Just to be clear, as the above confused some people, if you are just a nosey neighbor and have no plans on buying for a long time or forever, not a problem! We just don't want you using our site for 2 yewars and 392 email alerts and then calling Sally, your mom's friend's neighbor to be your agent.

This blog post goes into more details explaining why we are doing this.