Already have an agent? Want to remove all Buyer Agent ads?

Great, not a problem! We have no interest in showing you great buyer agents in your area if you already are thrilled by your current buyer agent. So in order to remove those pesky ads, you will need to ask your buyer agent to sign up for a Free Branded Site from You will help them save $40/mo (the cost of their MLS site) and will change and show THEM on each page. Also when you sign up for free email alerts... they get notified. They also get a copy of your daily alerts so they can help you find the dream him.

How does this help us giving out free sites? We don't mind you using our site, but we don't want you to accidentally contact us and then have us go on a goose chase answering your questions, just to find out that you already love your mother-in-law's best friend who is an agent. So by having them sign up, you get attached to their info, and not ours. Also maybe they will start to contribute to the Wiki and help out everyone.

Have them read this link for more on the Free Branded Version of FranklyMLS.

And if you don't have an agent, and you still want no ads... email me. I can give you a name of a charity and once you send them a donation, I can remove your ads.

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P.S. If you are an agent and you would like to see if you make the cut to be featured on FranklyMLS, email me.