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Thank you for using, I love feedback, but only about 1 in 4300 visitors take the time to give feedback. They just prefer to soak up the free information. If you are on this page, you are half way to contributing! EVERYONE's feedback will get a human reply from the site owner. We love your feedback, both positive and negative.

A casual couch-side message from the creator of

Tell us what you like versus other sites and what you wish we had.
    Ideally copy and paste these specific questions into an email:
  1. How did you find the site? A link? Search engine? Friend? Realtor? (we hope you will spread the word)
  2. How many times a day or week do you use it? If a ton, why so frequently?
  3. Is it the fastest MLS site out there?
  4. What features do other sites have that you wish FranklyMLS could do?
  5. Have you tried to FAVORITE a listing in spreadsheet mode? Like it? If not, you really should.
  6. If yes, have you tried our email alerts for favorite homes? How did it work? Any part of it confusing?
  7. How are you searching? By zipcode? Are you trying to search remarks? Have you tried some advanced searching?
  8. Did you notice if you search for a zipcode, the results are shown on the map outlining the zip code. Do you like this? Do you want more features like this?
  9. Do you copy and paste URLS to share them?
  10. Do you use the Facebook LIKE button on each page to share with friends.
  11. Do you use the "Send to your Agent/Friend" feature halfway down the listing page? Should I bring that up the page?
  12. Did you notice that we are the only site to display DOMP and DOMM, do you know the difference?
  13. Do you know what the * or green ** next to listings? Has to do with highlighting short sales and an agent's track record.
  14. What area and price range are you searching?
  15. Did you notice that the MLS photos are 4x larger than any other site? Is that a major draw?
  16. Will you use just this site from now on, or will you also use another MLS site? If so, which site and why?
  17. When you search in Spreadsheet mode, do you come across Blue Highlighted homes*? Do you know what these are?
    (* They are homes reviewed by buyers and buyer agents and sometimes with bonus photo albums. Make sure to at least send these agents a "thanks for adding photos." If they don't get feedback, they might stop.)
  18. Have you added any comments to homes? Will you start? This is a community. If you visit a home, add your input. Not so much "this is a good deal" but "This is near route 66" and add photos. Imagine, all the photoless properties suddenly coming to life.
  19. Do you ever print stuff out? How? Why? We made a 1 page print option for each listing. Do you use it?
  20. Are you a Facebook Fan or Twitter @FranklyMLS follower?
  21. Have you ever said to yourself "I wish this site would..."? If so, email us your wishlist.

    Also feel free to post publicly your wishlist on Twitter at @FranklyMLS

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